About Us

As we become a more techno-industrialized culture, it seems as though we are losing our ability to sustain a diverse agricultural habitat that once was the norm.

We started Brim Seed Company as an effort to increase access to the seeds needed to cultivate a more complete and healthy variety of food sources.

Original Agricultural Diversity:
About 7,000 different species of plants have been raised as food crops in the history of human agriculture.
3,000-5,000 species of food plants were used by early North Americans.

Food Today:
15 plants and 8 animals make up 90% of all human food
12 plant crops provide 75% of the food consumed in the world
3 plants: rice, wheat and maize are now relied on for more than 50% of the world's food

Brim Seed Co. offers an additional group of "Southern Acclimated", regionally adapted, reliable, heirloom seed varieties that have been perfected throughout the last 5-25 years.

Our Non-GMO statement: https://www.brimseed.com/BSC-Non-GMO-Statement