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Seed Bank Level II

Seed Bank Level II

This seed bank contains over 2500 seeds! Each Level II Seed Bank contains 18 individually packed varieties that are stored in a zippered Mylar bag for long term storage. These make great gifts! 

  • Varieties Included:

    Bean (Green)-Kentucky Wonder Bush

    Beet-Detroit Dark Red

    Broccoli-Calabrese Green Sprouting

    Cabbage-Golden Acre

    Carrot-Scarlet Nantes

    Cucumber-Marketmore 76

    Leek-American Flag

    Lettuce (Butterhead)-Buttercrunch

    Cantaloupe-Hales Best Jumbo

    Pea-Sugar Snap

    Pepper (Hot)-Jalapeno M

    Pepper (Bell)-California Wonder Green


    Spinach-Bloomsdale Long Standing

    Squash-Butternut Waltham

    Squash Zucchini-Black Beauty

    Swiss Chard-Fordhook

    Tomato-Delicious (Indeterminate)

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