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We are a Texas based seed company offering non-GMO, open pollinated and heirloom seeds.


Brim Seed Company was started as an effort to increase access to the seeds needed to cultivate a more complete and healthy variety of food sources and bring back the heritage of seed saving. These seeds include flowers, herbs, fibers, vegetables and grains.

In the not so distant past, our ancestors had a symbiotic relationship with the land, planting and cultivating seeds that would produce the nourishment needed to sustain life.


Many times, a farmer would grow seeds that he inherited from his father or grandfather and that he himself intended to pass down as a heritage to the generations to follow.  


Original Agricultural Diversity:

About 7,000 different species of plants have been raised as food crops in the history of human agriculture.

3,000-5,000 species of food plants were used by early North Americans.


Food Today:

15 plants and 8 animals make up 90% of all human food

12 plant crops provide 75% of the food consumed in the world

3 plants: rice, wheat and maize are now relied on for more than 50% of the world's food


As we become a more techno-industrialized culture, it seems as though we are losing this heritage as well as our ability to sustain a diverse agricultural habitat that once was the norm.


Whether you come from a long line of growers or you’re just looking to break from the metropolitan mold as you grow a bit of your own food and start saving your own garden heritage, we have the seed for your journey--each variety a treasure waiting to be discovered.      

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